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Theoretical approach


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etx capital Our methodology is based on the combination of two approaches, the handel mit binäroptionen Capabilities Approach (CA) and the use of click here Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The fist approach pertains to a theme elaborated by Amartya Sen and Matha Nussbaum and implemented by various United Nations programs. The Capabilities Approach emphasizes development through the go to site computing, the Internet and telecommunications, now widely available in urban societies. Presently, there is a general consensus on the potential for combining the CA and ICT, although there are few practical examples of the two being used for society’s benefit. With this is mind, new science of forex trading nsoft free download Ciudad Emergente has positioned itself as a laboratory of tools for Citizen Urbanism – seeking to engender high-impact social innovation processes that improve the quality-of-life in cities. 

We guide our projects by seeking to operationalize the Capability Approach and TIC through the combination of Tactical Urbanism strategies with intercommunication platforms 2.0. Drawing from our toolkit, we use binäre optionen steuern deutschland LQC Tactics (Light, Quick and Cheap) and  watch Tools 2.0 (in the form of web applications, online media, social networks, etc.).