Enabling City: Innovación social para la sustentabilidad urbana y la gobernanza participativa



Enabling City: Social innovation for urban sustainability and participatory governance

Year: 2010
Autor: Chiara Camponeschi
Original Title: The Enabling City: Place-Based Creative Problem-Solving and the Power of the Everyday
Spanish Translation Coordinator: Javier Vergara Petrescu (www.ciudademergente.org/en)
Traslation Team: Kurt Steffens (www.ciudademergente.org/en) y Claudia Olavarrìa Borquez (www.gatagordaediciones.com)
Graphic Design English Version: Stephanie Simms
Graphic Design Spanish Version: Stephanie Penev

Enabling City is an organization that works to advance social innovation as a form of active citizenship, particularly in the areas of urban sustainability and participatory governance.

At Enabling City, we believe access to inspiration is important. We strive to creatively respond to today’s most pressing issues by harnessing community imagination as a tool of social transformation. Our work sparks new ways of thinking about participation, encouraging experts and enthusiasts alike to generate engaging insights that lead to positive change.

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