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Commercial Neighborhoods


The tactics for commercial neighborhoods consist of strategies for economic revitalization through the activation of public spaces and strengthening of shop-keeper networks.

Tactica Paseo Matadero

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opcje binarne informacje The urban tactic “Slaughterhouse Passageway” is a revitalization strategy in Franklin, a commercial neighborhood in the city of Santiago de Chile. The project involves revitalizing public space through semi-permanent strategies that inform a long-term planning process for the Frankin neighborhood Masterplan promoted by the Municipality of Santiago. The tactic is made possible thanks to the coordination and articulation of actors including the Ahumada Passageway restaurant trade union, the Matadero Block administration, and the participation of the Universidad del Desarrollo. The Universidad del Desarrollo was a key player in the integrated implementation of an  ”Architecture School Workshop” and a “Trigger Experience” which drew over 300 architecture students to participate in the collaborative construction of the public space. The “Slaughterhouse Passageway” tactic was conceived as a short-term work of urban infrastructure with implication for long-term urban planning, starting with the strengthening of the social capital of the Ahumada Passageway restaurants and the slaughterhouse block communities.

Buy Tadalafil Tastylia Oral Strips Usa Name: Tactical Paseo Matadero
Organizer: Emerging City
Strategic Partner: Escuela de Arquitectura Universidad del Desarrollo
Alliances: Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago + Administración Manzana Matedero Barrio Franklin + Gremio de Cocinerías Paseo Ahumada
Date: October 2015
Location: Paseo Ahumada Manzana Matadero, Barrio Franklin, Santiago de Chile.

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