The Best of Ciudad Emergente in 2014!


come vincere sempre con le opzioni binarie

source We are closing a great year for CEM. One full of projects, during which time we also changed houses, moving to Providencia on the street Clemente Fabres, where we receive the collaboration and support of many people who we would like to take this moment to thank. From our center of operations, we sent you periodic newsletters and updates though our social networks during the year, we moved around Chile’s cities with out tactics and tools and ended the last semester of the year with an international presence in Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and Brasil. trading con stock option e sistemi binari This has definitely been a very busy year that we would like to remember in this annual review of 2014. We begin 2015 energetically as we continue driving concrete new initiatives to improve the quality of life in our cities!

Global map showing the reach of Ciudad Emergente’s publications!

¡Nos leen en los 5 continentes, desde China a Sudáfrica, y principalmente en México, España, Estados Unidos, Argentina y Chile!

kursi valutor online We are read on 5 continents, from China to South Africa, and primarily in Mexico, Spain, USA, Argentina and Chile!

Urban Potluck wins prize in the Santiago Forum 2041

Con el Intendente Claudio Orrego durante la premiación del Foro Santiago 2041 junto a nuestros amigos de Pedaleable, SaferTaxi, Gestión Medioambiental de la Pintana y coordinador del foro Pablo Allard.

follow link With the Mayor Claudio Orrego during the Santiago Forum 2041 Awards, together with our friends from Pedaleable, SaferTaxi, Gestión Madioambiental de la Pintana, and the coordinator of the forum Pablo Allard.

Okuplaza as finalist for Avonni Prize, in the New City category

Por segundo año consecutivo, fuimos nominados al Premio de Innovación Nacional Avonni en la categoría Ciudad Nueva.

follow url For the second year in a row we were nominated to the Prize for National Innovation Avonni in the category of New City.

Ciudad Emergente at Harvard

Lecture de Ciudad Emergente en GSD Harvard: Urban Protoyping in Chile, Civic innovation through tactical urbanism strategies. Además estuvimos en Columbia University y The New School Nueva York, en Future of Places Buenos Aires y en CoopCity en Río de Janeiro. En imagen aplicación de herramienta Dibujando el Bienestar de nuestra directora Manuela Garretón. Ciudad Emergente lectures at GSD Harvard: Urban Prototyping in Chile and Civic innovation through tactical urbanism strategies. Additionally we went to Columbia University and The New School in New York, to “Future of Places” conference in Buenos Aires, and to CoopCity in Río de Janeiro. In the image: application of the tool “Drawing Wellbeing” from our director Manuela Garretón.

Okuplaza in Xochimilco, México

Okuplaza construida en colaboración con la UNAM, México.

como funcionan las opciones binarias Okuplaza constructed in collaboration with UNAM, Mexico

Ciudad Emergente at MoMA

Nuestra Okuplaza del Reciclaje publicada en Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities del MoMA de Nueva York

Our Recycling Okuplaza was published my MoMa, New York in Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities

Santiago: a personal city – Ciudad Emergente in the Magazine Qué Pasa. 

Bárbara Barreda, Javier Vergara Petrescu y Marisol García, Directores de Ciudad Emergente, en Revista Qué Pasa.

Bárbara Barreda, Javier Vergara Petrescu and Marisol García, Directors of Ciudad Emergente, in the Magazine Qué Pasa.

Masterplan in Rancagua

Junto a un gran equipo estamos desarrollando un plan de ciudad a escala humana para Rancagua.

Together with a big team we developed a city plan at a human scale for Rancagua.

Emerging Citizens: Distinguishing Urban Leaders

¡Mauricio Capitani fue uno de nuestros Ciudadanos Emergentes destacados el 2014, un ciclista apasionado al que vale la pena conocer!

Mauricio Capitani was one of our Emerging Citizens in 2014, an enthusiastic cyclist who is worth knowing!


Plan CREO: Antofagasta Clean and Connected

Antofagasta la lleva. Nuestras tácticas y herramientas se han desplegado en el plan CREO Antofagasta

Antofagasta rocks! Our tactics and tools are deployed in the plan CREO Antofagasta

Participatory Cleanings of dumpsites with 300 volunteers, eradicating garbage through collaboration.

Limpiezas Participativas: Transformando micro-basurales en espacio para las personas.

Participatory Cleanings: Transforming micro-landfills into spaces for people.

El punta pie inicial de nuestras tácticas 2014 con los vecinos del centro alto de Antofagasta
The starting point of out tactics in 2014 with the neighbors of Centro Alto in Antofagasta

Okuplaza Las Americas, postcards to de-stigmatize the neighborhood.

Las Américas

Neighbors handing “Neighborhood Postcards” in the Okuplaza Las Americas, Antofagasta

Neighborhood Screenings: Watch movies with your neighbors!


Neighbors of the la Corvallis population in Antofagasta gathered around a movie under the stars.

Patrimony Portraits: A tactic to reveal the intangible patrimony of a neighborhood. 

Patrimonio Retratado

Patrimony Portraits: The richness of the neighborhood with its neighbors

Plant your neighborhood: Recycling grey-waters and adding bikepaths to maintain green areas and activate the neighborhood

Vecinos empoderados con sus bicicletas y plantas: ¡A vestir de verde el barrio!

Empowered neighbors with their bicycles and plants: To dress the neighborhood in green!

Time to paint: Transforming public space to connect a neighborhood!

En esta táctica contamos con la colaboración de la Brigada Ramona Parra.

For this tactic we counted on the collaboration of the Ramona Parra Brigade

Time to play: Connecting the neighborhood through sport

Niños de la población René Schneider Sur, Antofagasta, antes del partido

Kids from the René Schneider Sur community, Antofagasta, before the match

Citizen Fairs: Boosting entrepreneurs

Una táctica que busca fortalecer redes y fomentar la actividad productiva del barrio.
A tactic to strengthen networks and encourage productive activities in the neighborhood. 

We went down to the river with our tools to take the pulse of #YoVivoMap8 

Por segundo año consecutivo colaboramos con Yo Vivo Map8 implementando nuestras herramientas

For the second consecutive year we collaborated with Yo Vivo Map8 implementing our tools

We encouraged replicas, making our tools accessible to all!


Tree of Ideas implemented in the UC

Workshop UDD fiiS fair: students in service of the city


Students form the Architecture Department at the Universidad del Desarollo working for the fair of entrepreneurs fiiS 2014

Populusaurio: #Improving the quality of life in cities


Gathering indicators in Populusaurio, a citizens summit realized in the Quinta Normal Park, gathering together more than 70 NGOs

fiiS 2014: Origami and a labyrinth in the park


Origami installed in the Bicentenario Park, Vitacura, for the Festival of Social Innovation (fiiS), designed and built together with Bamboobiz.

Plazaforma: Taking the market’s pulse

A Tree of Ideas installed in a market in Peñalolen.

Ciudad Emergente’s 2014 in numbers:

21 people worked on our projects

+700 volunteers

20 urban tactics

4 assessments of indicators

4 okuplazas

4 online publications*

5 countries and 8 communes**

10 alliances with national and international universities***

1 nomination to the prize for social innovation Avonni

1 honorary mention in the Foro Santiago 2041

1 publication in MoMA

18 media appearances

1,893 people co-producing our tactics ****

2,678 people experienced our tools*****

3,000 people participated in our Ecocarnaval

5,934 followers on social networks (FacebookTwitter,InstagramIssuuTumblr)

62,729 downloads of our publications (Issuu)

600 bales with 15 tons of plastic reused and recycled.

1 vision: Improving the quality of life in the city through social innovation and citizen participation!

Happy new year to all those who emerge with new ideas for the city and welcome to 2015!

*In 2014 Cem published 2 reports, one of them pertaining to the assessment of indicators for the Map8 Ciudadano Pedaleable tactic, realized along the bank of the Mapocho river in April; and the other pertained to tactics developed in Antofagasta Clean and Connected, in the framework of Plan CREO Antofagasta.
** During this year we participated as speakers as well as listeners in different initialtives in Chile and abroad. We were in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, and various regions of Chile
***CEM is directly associated with Chilean universities realizing Masters in Urban Planning (MPUR) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and courses in Public Responsibility of the Universidad de Desarollo. At the same time, we participated in international talks in Harvard GSD, Columbia University, The New School New York, ENAP UNAM Mexico, as well as seminars and work in collaboration with PUC, Universidad Central, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica del Norte de Antofagasta, and the highschools Antofagasta Antoio Rendic, Netland, San Augustin, San Esteban Liceo B-13 Domingo Herrera and Escuel D-85 Rómulo Peña.
**** Calculation of people based on 833 for the CREO tactics + 360 for the CREO cleanings + 550 for the fiiS fair-UDD + 50 in the Okuplaza Unam Mexico.
***** Calculation of people based on 649 from Map8 + 1,747 from Populusario + 282 from Plazaforma